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Ok, I've been wondering and thinking since even after deleting all my interests list long ago people still friends me.... WHY? WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? Should I have to resurrect this LJ by any chance??? Is the option there? What did I dream about last night? How much bored I am at the moment?

EDIT: And why the hell I can't make the font of the 'BUH!' as big as I want???
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Clamp seems to be continuing with the butchering of several mangas at once, if anybody does not recognize this image from CCS (just in case) then it is from next TRC and the 'daijobudayo' told to Watanuki:

C'mon, you can do it Clamp!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I'm off now, I've almost downloaded all the stuff I need, so have fun!!!! ... or not, considering the spoiler :P
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In case anybody wonders, all Bare-sans have given interest, no spoilers, a thing I can perfectly understand XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Fay's Magic

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213 比類なき力
unparalleled strength

The feather sunk in the Tokyo Government Office's lake/reservoir

Even that one is/will also be taken, FWR undermines logic

The logic for dead ones not reviving (well, 'usually' they do not revive XDDDD )

NOTHING new!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit! Or Bare-san is being super mean or this is not moving much next week....
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Chapitre.212 動き出した時間
Time that started going on
The time where Sakura is distorts
One more time the seal swallows Sakura
The destination Mokona felt in the energy from the feathers is not Clow, it is TOKYO????????????

This has to be a joke.... if it wasn't becasue this time this is from Bare-san himself...... and there there is still a feather....

Ok, break is over, I'm back to watching downloaded stuff, have fun!

EDIT: LOL! Final battle in Tokyo's Tower like if it was X XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Chapitre.210 知りたい言葉
(complicated title) Words that want to feel/know (?)

Copy is smashed up (literal). Next issue will have color pages.

A lame 'one liner' (damn it is subject + verb) for what seems to be the Clone's end...
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209 バレ


I don't believe it a lot because it is too easy but:

Deadly wounded Syao stabs FWR and when FWR tries to kill Real Copy is killed (o no, wait, only stabbed XD) in his place.........

If we are lucky ALL Syaorans will die the same way all Sakuras have.... XDDDDDDDDDDd
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All the cast dressed in kimono, Wata wears an apron.

Wata prepared new year's food and Yuui praises him

Doumeki asks for a repeat and Wata gets angry as usual

Syaoran goes 'kawaii' at seeing Sakura and Himawari's clothes

Syao and Sakura are 'lovey dovey'. Sakura praises Syaoran's clothes. Syao and Yuui Clothes were 'arranged' by Syaoron

Fay appears wearing female kimono => Does this one count as CROSSDRESSING?
Kuro scolds Fay: Don't appear that way in front of the students (literal : Don't show that look to the students)

Kuru to Yuuko 'Those are rare clothes (???) 'I only lent the kimono' Yuuko refutes

(OMG!!! Fay is wearing Yuuko's kimono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Syaoron did the dressing. Kuro is angry and leaves

Yuuko to Fay their 'pact' is fulfilled (as usual it must be get Kuro angry XDDD )

5 pages as usual blah blah
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Bare-san and me need to re-synchronize again XD I'm back to be online on saturdays! No need to post the spoilers on sunday XD

Anyway, back to business, aka 'make-fun-out-of-crappy-TRC' :D

The guy who posted the spoilers this week did them in a very complicated writing style, but I think I managed to decrypt what he wrote ... now that I was used to Bare-san's

Clone 'zaps' Real into a 'sharpened tube for testing rice' (sorry that is the exact match for 刺し, I have the feeling that might be the 'tube' (tm)??? )
Kuro-tachi (Kuro & Fay ) are blown away by Real's whispering (or secret talk). Real is dragged to FWR's place.

That is, as usual not much happens... and not much to make fun out of... but hey, now that Kuro and Fay will be alone they can do more serious and interesting 'adult things' XDDD

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Chapitre.207 進化する化身(進展なし)
Evolving personification (no progress) LOL! The comment reads the opposite than the title XD


Ok, looks like I was right and I could have written the spoilers days ago:

Mr Useless Copy vs Mr Useless : Round 3
With the actual detail from spoilersWith the energy form the collected feathers during Clone's camping he surpasses Syao's energy

That's all..... warning! boredom ahead!